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Accelerating World-Class African Businesses

We are on a mission to change the dismal state of affairs when it comes to Tech Female Founders by ensuring we play a crucial role in plugging the leaky tech pipeline for black Female Founders especially but we cannot do this alone. Over the past two-years since launching the 88 Business Collective and rolling out our first two accelerator programmes, we have gained significant insight into the interventions needed to create a robust pipeline for the tech ecosystem.

The Impact Assessment Report compiled and verified by PwC specifically for our accelerator programme quantifies the impact of the programme but also gives the Female Founder an overview of their overall performance month-on-month. The data analytics provided by the PwC Impact Assessment Tool ensures data driven interventions.


Expertly Guided

The Advisory Board ensures Founders have a platform for continued accountability and feedback. We approach the process similar to a Board of Directors for corporate companies. During the meeting the board members interact with the individual Founder and offer their assessments based on their areas of expertise. Board members offer advice and targets to be achieved by the Founder for the next meeting.


Goal Orientated

The Founders are supported by a Business Coach in order to take their acute self -awareness both personally and professionally to new levels. Personal growth and development is about authenticity that is grounded in acute self-awareness, confidence and creativity and how this plays a role in aligning with WHY the business exists. Yes, healthy Founders create healthy businesses.


Scale Your Business

The bootcamp forms the primary basis for development and changed behaviour by the Female Founders. Our belief is that business owner development equals business development. To assist the Female Founders to grow and scale their business requires shifting and changing mindsets and adopting new competencies to ensure business growth and expansion.



Collaboration is the future.

At The 88 Business Collective, we understand that it takes a village to grow a business. Since 2016, we’ve been supporting Female Founders to respond to industry transitions in order to stay competitive. 

Our team of experts is ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in the future.




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